[Download] Striver SDE Sheet PDF - Updated 2023

[Download] Striver SDE Sheet PDF / List

Striver SDE Sheet is a list of very important and must do data structure and algorithms problems. The list of questions / sheet is available in PDF format, ready to be downloaded. If you looking for some great and concise DSA resource, it will assist you in solving a few specific issues that will greatly improve your DSA abilities. 

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What is Striver SDE Sheet?

Striver's SDE sheet by take you forward has 180 questions, which can be done in 2–3 months at a regular speed, but can be completed in 1 month if you know the foundations of DSA. This sheet by Raj Vikramaditya aka take you forward holds a strong potential to improve your competitive programming skills.


He recommends to solve the sheet only if you are comfortable with the basics of data structures. Otherwise, you will take more time to solve the sheet.


It is a perfect resource to revise all of the most asked DSA questions in a month, before your interview or coding test. The questions are taken from reputed sites like leetcode and geeksforgeeks.  

How to download the sheet?

 Get Striver SDE Sheet Here. 

 (New Updated Link) 👆

You can also visit his official Youtube channel which is takeUforward. He shares important videos related to programming, tech, career guidance for college students and more. 


Striver's Codechef / Codeforces Profile  - striver_79 (search on Codechef)

Who is Striver?

Striver is a well known youtuber and software engineer, currently working at Media.net(Directi), and he is an ex employee of Amazon. Moreover, a Candidate Master at CodeForces and a 6* coder at Code-chef. His real name is Raj Vikramaditya and the name of his YouTube channel is Takeuforward.

The main topics that he makes videos about include- 

1) Competitive programming (Mostly Code forces editorials and some other Algorithms)
2) Data Structures and Algorithms
3) Interview preparations


Is the SDE sheet really effective?


Yes, the SDE sheet by striver is very helpful for students who have at least some experience in DSA and looking for a quick list of important questions. Striver is himself in IT field, working as a software engineer and hence has immense knowledge of this field.


If you are a complete beginner, you must consider other resources, which are discussed below.

Other Recommended Resources to Learn DSA

Saurabh Shukla- I believe he was one of the first person who started making quality content related to Programming, C language, and data structures. You can definitely follow his data structures playlist, if you are a beginner.

Love Babbar- Babbar has a list of 450 Data structures and algorithms questions in his DSA Cracker Sheet. This sheet is proven to be very helpful for many students and has helped them crack many coding rounds and interviews.


The questions are from various DSA topics like Array, Strings, Graph, Trees, Linked list, stack and queue, etc.

Note: Do not just watch the videos and follow the resources. You need to practice a lot of questions on these topics and spend time thinking and coding. 


There are many more tutorials on Youtube. You can do a google search if you are stuck in some question. 


Hope you like the SDE Sheet by Striver. Do share this article with your friends who might find it helpful. Also leave your valuable feedback below!

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