Love Babbar DSA Cracker Sheet - 450 Questions (GET HERE)

Love Babbar DSA Cracker Sheet - 450 Questions

Download and get this ultimate Love Babbar DSA Cracker Sheet containing 450 Questions related to Data structures and Algorithms. This sheet is proven to be very helpful for many students and has helped them crack many coding rounds and interviews  


Love Babbar DSA Cracker sheet 


What is the Love Babbar DSA Cracker Sheet?

It is a collection of 450 questions related to data structures and algorithms. The questions are from various DSA topics like Array, Strings, Graph, Trees, Linked list, stack and queue, etc.


The list is created by Love Babbar, who is a software engineer at Amazon and a famous Youtuber in the domain of coding and career guidance. The questions have been taken from reputed websites like geekforgeeks, leetcode, codechef, etc.

Where can i find the sheet?    

View the 450 questions sheet here in your browser and can also download / make a copy of the same - DSA Cracker Sheet by Love Babbar PDF


All the questions can be completed within 2-3 months if you are regular, according to Babbar.


  • Questions are handpicked by him as these are mostly repeated in interview rounds of various companies. 
  • Mixed difficulty level is observed - questions are mostly easy to medium.
  • The solutions are available on Youtube and on the links also.


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Who is Love Babbar:

Love Babbar worked at Amazon as a and software engineer. He completed his graduation from Delhi's NSIT. He is currently famous as a YouTuber for his educational, interview, placement preparation, and programming content.

He was also recommended for SSB (army) recruiting. He completed the Google Internship for Students Challenge. 


Here is a video from his Youtube channel where he talks about this sheet and explains how to solve it.


How to solve the DSA Cracker sheet?


To solve the DSA cracker sheet one must know at least the basics of data structure and algorithms. Also, it is recommended that the student should have knowledge about at least one programming language like C++ or Java.


If you meet the prerequisites, simply open the sheet from the link given above start solving from the data structure top you are most comfortable in.


You can click on the question to view the full question in Geeksforgeeks or Leetcode. You can also mark the question as solved or unsolved in the sheet itself.

Babbar claims that you can solve the entire sheet in 2 to 3 months if you are regular.

So save the DSA Cracker Sheet by Love Babbar and start your preparation of DSA from today itself!


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