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Striver CP List PDF/Download

Are you looking for an excellent list of programming questions asked in top IT firms? Striver CP list is a comprehensive sheet containing a list of competitive programming questions that you must do if you want to crack the coding rounds of top IT companies.  


The CP list by Striver is available in PDF format, ready to be downloaded instantly. The questions will greatly improve your problem-solving and algorithmic approach abilities.


Striver CP List

What is Striver CP List?

Striver's CP List has more than 100+ quality questions related to competitive programming that will help you clear the coding part of top IT MNC's like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. The questions will help to improve your algorithms and approach.


Note - Before starting CP, make sure you know one language, which means you how to take an input, print something, run for loops, and STL/Collection for the language you are using.    

Also, make sure your constructive algorithms are good, which means you can solve simple storyline problems. 


This list contains the algorithms name you need to know and 5-10 problems on each of them. These problems will help you to understand the concept of the algorithm and will help you to understand how we can tweak the algorithms to solve given problems. 


The main objective of the sheet is to make your algorithmic concepts strong. The questions may be asked in a different way in actual coding rounds but if your approach and understanding of algorithms will be clear, you will easily be able to crack any tech challenge.

How to download the Striver CP list?

 Get Striver CP List Here. 


You can also visit his official YouTube channel which is takeUforward. He shares important videos related to competitive programming, how to prepare for off-campus placements for college students and more. 


Here is his video explaining in detail, how to use the list and how to approach the questions given in the sheet. Watch this video for more details:



Who is Striver?

Striver is a well-known Youtuber and software engineer, currently working at Media.net (Directi), and he is an ex-employee of Amazon India. Moreover, a Candidate Master at Codeforces and a 6-star coder at Codechef. 




The main topics that he makes videos about include-

1) Competitive programming (Mostly Code forces editorials and some other Algorithms)
2) Data Structures and Algorithms
3) Interview preparations   


His videos are very useful for all computer science students, IT students,  engineering students and those who love coding/programming.


Is the CP list effective?

Yes, the CP list by Striver is very helpful for students who have at least some experience in problem-solving and competitive programming and are looking for a quick list of important questions. 


If you are a complete newbie, this list is not recommended for you. You must first learn a language, learn DSA (data structures and algorithms) and get some taste of competitive coding. Solve a decent amount of problems on Spoj, Codechef, etc and participate in their challenges to get some experience. 


Striver is himself in the field of computer science and engineering, working as an SDE (Software Engineer). He has also given many coding tests and interviews. We can confidently assume that he has immense knowledge of this field.


If you find the questions somewhat difficult, you must first complete the SDE sheet and should also have a strong grip on DSA (data structure and algorithms). 


For DSA, you can also refer to and solve the DSA  sheet by Love Babbar.


Both the above-mentioned resources are excellent for learning and coding important questions related to data structures. It will be a plus if you complete these sheets before solving the CP list.

There are many more tutorials for competitive programming and DSA on Youtube. You can do a google search if you are stuck in some question.

So, save the PDF and follow the Striver CP List. Do share this article with your computer science friends and geeks. Also, don't forget to leave your valuable feedback below!

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