Aaj Tak Internship 2022 | Eligibility, Salary, Apply Link

Aaj Tak Internship 2022 | Eligibility, Salary, Apply Link

Let us discuss about Aaj Tak Internship and know how to get an internship in this very famous news channel. If you are a mass communication or journalism student in India, you should definitely apply to this opportunity as they are one of the top news companies in India. Fresh candidates and interns can join their team and their offices are spread PAN India, headquartered at Noida.


Aaj tak internship 



Read on to find the detailed eligibility criteria, apply link, selection process, salary and internship experiences of various students. Let us get started.


About Aaj Tak News Company

  • As per Wikipedia, Aaj Tak is India's most popular Hindi news program, as well as the most popular Indian news channel on YouTube.
  • It is owned by Living Media Group and became the country's first full-time Hindi news station to broadcast twenty-four hours a day.
  • The station had a reach of 52 lakh households when it first launched, and it has now grown to be the channel that broadcasts to 3 crore households. 
  • Moreover it is also one of the most trusted news channels of India.


Eligibility Criteria

  • To get an internship in Aaj Tak, you must be currently enrolled in a full time graduation or post graduation program from a government recognized university in India. 
  • Mostly mass communication and journalism students aspire to get an internship in Aaj Tak, but you will be glad to know that you can apply for internship irrespective of your fields of study as they have various opportunities in reporting, copy-editing, design, production, sales and marketing.
  • There are no other hard and fast rules or eligibility criteria.


How To Apply for Aaj Tak Internship (Application Process)

Getting an internship at such a big news channel is going to very tough but giving a chance is must for the same. 

  1. Visit the careers page of Aaj Tak and fill the form. Click here to visit the Aaj Tak / India Today careers form
  2. Fill out all the details asked for and upload your CV in the end. 
  3. Double check and make sure all your details are correct.
  4. Click on submit button. You should expect a reply within few days


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The best way will be getting the internship through referral. You can contact your college seniors or some alumni from your college who has already interned at Aaj Tak or is working at some famous news channel. They will provide you with email id or mobile number of the HR or concerned person. They can definitely help you if you request them.

Another way is that you can search for editors/senior reporters of Aaj Tak on LinkedIn. Send them a personalized connection request with a clear message that you are looking for opportunities in the news channel. If possible, also approach them through e-mail.


Stipend Offered

There is no clear mention of the stipend or salary offered at Aaj Tak. Depending on many factors and company policy, you may or may not get stipend. But, there is a lot to learn and knowledge to gain. 


The exposure that you get after joining such a reputed national news channel is unbeatable. 


You get first hand experience in the journalism industry and get to know how an actual news channel functions.


Advice for Journalism Students Looking for Internships 

Avoid going with a well-known or famous news channel in the media sector, especially when you have no experience. 


Firstly, you won't have an easy time getting in. Even if you are selected, no one will pay attention to you as the seniors will be preoccupied with their own tasks.


In a relatively small media company, there will be a labor shortage for the most of the time. Your contribution to the company will be recognized and rewarded. Also, you may also get a job if you perform well in the internship.

Hope now you have enough knowledge regarding Aaj Tak Internship. Do apply for the same and encourage for friends to apply for this opportunities. Lookout for other opportunities on InternshipsLive and do share this article with your friends!

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