How to write an Impressive resume for internship in 3 steps

Be it a life-changing internship at your dream or an excellent fresher job, it all begins with an impressive resume. A phase comes in every student’s life when he/she needs a CV. So, in this article, we will discuss how to write a creative resume for internship for college students that get you hired for almost every internship you apply for.

We do want our resume to be just another resume, lost in a crowd of other applications. We want our resume to stand out and speak for itself. Writing this type of resume is easier than you think, and can be done in just 3 steps. Keeping this in mind, we will discuss in detail, the 3 steps as following:

STEP 1: Must have elements/key components in your resume. You must ensure you include them in your CV

STEP 2: Sample resume from successful students. You can take inspiration from them and check their resume for internship format.

STEP 3: Things to keep in mind while writing a cv for internship for freshers.

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That being said let’s begin from step 1.

resume for internship

Writing an Impressive resume for internship

Step 1: Here we will discuss the important elements that your resume must contain.

1. Education: Here, you should clearly mention your college name, city, degree, and the year of your course beginning and end (or expected to end). In fact, you should preferably make a table and list these things in separate columns. Since this is an internship resume, it should also contain details about your school in the same table.

See this example for reference:

2. Academic Achievements: In this section, you need to write your achievements in the fields of education only. So not confuse this for extracurricular achievements. 
We’ll cover that section too. 

Here you need to tell about achievements like your rank in Competitive exams, your achievements in Programming Contests (useful for engineering resume), any certificate of achievements, research paper, any olympiads that you might have won. 

3. Projects: In most courses, it is important to complete a project. Basically, even if you did a simple project like IOT based project on your own, you surely can mention it on your resume. In most of the interviews, the interviewer will ask you some related questions, which is enough to give them an idea of your skill. So be prepared with questions related to your project.  Mention in 1st line what you achieved as a part of the project.

Also, do not write long paragraphs about your project, just 1-2 lines are enough. But, make sure you make your project look 10 times more interesting just by changing/adding a few words.


Do not write this:
❌Made a fire alarm android app as my final year project

Write this instead
✅Designed a real-time, multi-functional fire detection android app, using Java and integrated with Emergency services API.

You get the point.

4. Skills: Write skills in the order of your proficiency. Write those skills on the top in which you are most proficient and also which is most relevant to the internship. Also, you can give a star rating in front of each skill, on the basis of how proficient you are in that skill. Here are the top IT skills in demand for the future.

Avoid unnecessary skills like Communication skills, MS Word, etc. Focus on main skills - programming languages, tools, etc.

5. Extracurricular activities: Here, you can write about other important achievements, which may not be related to studies. This can also include some position of responsibility. You can write about the event you organized in college, your hobbies, or a leadership position.

6. Objective (optional): Writing objective of resume for internships is NOT recommended nowadays. Mostly everyone copies that and it provides no value to your internship resume. Also, it is outdated and most people avoid writing them.

Step 2: Sample resume for Internship (Format)

Here are a few samples of resume that you can take inspiration from. These are resumes of successful students mostly from premier colleges. See how they have placed the various elements discussed above.

Sample Resume 1

This is the resume of Rohit Negi. Neatness and simplicity are the 2 main noticeable features in his CV. Click Here to see the pdf.

Observe, how important elements like name and contact details are put on the top. While extracurricular activities are listed at the last. Also, all important elements are covered. The length is perfect, i.e 2 pages.

Sample Resume 2

This is the resume of Saurabh, the most impressive resume of an IITian from IIT Delhi. A perfect example of a freshman engineering resume.

The main attraction is his resume is that he has organized it so very well. Keeping all the main details on the top and additional space for references. Well, you might not have as many achievements as him but you get the idea. 

Step 3: Things to keep in mind while writing a resume for internship

Till now, you now have learned what elements to add in your CV and you've got an idea of how students write their resumes. You also have an idea of how to arrange the important elements but here are a few things to take care of.

  1. Never lie in your resume. Not even regarding your hobbies. If the interviewer smells it, it may leave a very bad impression on them.
  2. Do not make any typos or spelling mistakes on your resume. Proof-read it many times. Even a small error could show your carelessness.
  3. Do not add any declaration at the end of your resume. Most of the students write “I declare that the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge”. This isn’t needed.
  4. Do not add a lot of colors or graphics to your resume. Black and white resumes look the best.
  5. Minimize the white space in your CV and make use of that space.
  6. The email id you mention n your resume should look professional. Eg. it should not be something like 
  7. Always share your resume in pdf format. 
  8. Do not mention more than required personal information like your father’s name etc.

Well, let us wind up here and I wish you all the best with your resume. I hope you now know exactly, how to write a resume for internship. Also, share this article with one friend searching for internships. They might need it sooner or later. Also if you are confused between choosing from internships or apprenticeships, you might find this article useful.

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