How to get Internship in Deloitte India (Complete Guide)

How to get Internship in Deloitte India?

An internship with a top company like Deloitte is what students desire in their early careers. This one opportunity can make their resume very strong and they get a chance to peek into the corporate world. So, let us dive in and see the ways to get an internship in Deloitte India. Also, we will discover answers to the most asked questions related to the topic.

internship in Deloitte India

About Deloitte

Every student, especially students with commerce background must have heard about Deloitte. Deloitte is one of the big four accounting firms in India. Headquartered in the UK, it provides audit, consulting, tax, and legal services around the world.

Having over 3 lakhs employees worldwide, it is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world. Every year Deloitte visits various colleges PAN India to provide placements to the students. It also provides various Internship opportunities to college students, as discussed below.

How to apply for internship in Deloitte India?

Depending on your profile and college majors, you can apply for internships for various internships at Deloitte. We will discuss the types of profiles later, but first, let us see the ways. Here are the 5 methods through which you can apply for an internship.

  1. Get Referral: Sign up on LinkedIn and search for employees working in Deloitte. You can begin a conversation with them and eventually ask for a referral. Else, if you have some relatives or friends working in Deloitte, you can also ask them for referrals. This is the quickest way to expect an interview call for internships.
  2. Apply on Deloitte Careers page: Visit the official Deloitte India careers page and check for any internship posted lately. Also, double-check the internship location, and other details before applying to the internship.
  3. Apply on Internshipslive: Internshipslive brings you internship updates and notifies you about the internship opportunities at big companies across India and work from home internships. Visit the homepage and check if Deloitte has posted any internship lately. 
  4. Internship fair: Every year many well-known colleges conduct Internships fair. Know which colleges in your city conduct the fair and try to attend them. Most colleges release the list of participating companies beforehand. These fairs give you an opportunity to get interviewed by some good companies.
  5. Deloitte online internship [NEW]: Well, this is something new for most students. Deloitte is providing an online internship with certifications. The best part? Anyone can participate in it. Although these kinds of virtual internship programs are not as useful as in-office internships, they add some value to your career and you get an e-certificate on successful completion of the program. Interested students can complete a virtual internship by Deloitte here

Types of Internship profile

Since Deloitte is mainly an accounting firm, students with commerce and management background get an upper edge. Students pursuing BBA,, MBA,, etc can apply for an internship in Deloitte India for profiles like operations, human resource (HR), audit, business development, and consultant.

Students from technical background can also apply for a summer internship in Deloitte India. Students pursuing Engineering, BCA, or (Computer Science) can apply for an internship in data science and data analysis in Deloitte. The skills required for these include proficiency in Python or R language and related libraries.

Eligibility criteria

For an internship in Deloitte, you must be currently enrolled in a full-time course in any Unversity recognized by the government of India. Also, you must possess the desired skills and basic English communication.

An important thing to note is that the offices of Deloitte India are located in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Hence, the students must reside or be willing to move near these areas, if they wish to complete the summer internship.

When to apply:

The best time to apply for an internship, is in your summer vacations after 2nd year, if you are pursuing a 3 year degree course. Engineering students should apply for the internship in the summer vacations after 3rd year.

This is because an internship in Deloitte India may last for about 2-3 months and most of the internships are in-office. Hence, summer vacations are the best time to devote to an internship. If you missed the chance in your summer vacation, you can try again for a winter internship. 

Stipend and Selection procedure:

The average stipend paid by Deloitte is Rs. 10,000, per month. The stipend depends on a lot of factors like office location, position, duration of the internship, etc. I personally also know some students who did an internship without stipend at Deloitte. However, in your early careers, stipend should not be your focus at all. You should see the value and learnings in an internship.

Just like any other internship offer, after you submit an application for an internship, The Deloitte HR department will screen your resume. If your resume is shortlisted, you will be required to give a telephonic interview, and lastly, a face-to-face interview. If you get selected as an intern in Deloitte, you’ll be assigned a mentor who will guide you with your day to day tasks and projects.

Things to keep in mind

Your resume should be strong enough to guarantee you an interview call. Since your resume is your first impression, make sure you make a perfect resume. Read more here: Resume making for an internship.

Be prepared with common and most asked interview questions and prepare suitable answers for them.

✅You should work on your skills, complete a couple of projects, and get certifications before you apply for an internship. This will make your profile strong and your chances of selection in Deloitte will increase.

✅You should know some details about the company and its history before you attend the interview. So make sure to read about Deloitte and gain knowledge about the company.

Now, after going through this article, I am confident that you got your answer to how to apply for internship in Deloitte India. We have tried to cover many general questions that students have regarding internships and Deloitte company. If you still have any doubts, you can comment down with your queries and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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