How to get the Best internship for ECE students (Complete Guide)

Internship for ECE students

ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) is one of the most preferred engineering branches after CSE (Computer Science Engineering) in India. The electronics sector has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, internships, and jobs, but most students don’t see that. As a result, every ECE student takes up programming and tends to incline towards the computer science branch.

Thus, in this article, we’ll discuss what skills to develop, what resources to follow, and finally how to get an internship for ECE students. It goes without saying, the article is equally valid for EEE, ENI, Instrumentation, and other circuit branches as well.

We’ll cover these 2 topics in-depth

  1. Different fields/areas of work in ECE and how to choose one.
  2. How to get ready for an internship and finding internships.
Let’s get started.


ECE is a very big domain and most students are aware that there are a lot of subdomains under it. Before you choose your area of interest, it is important that you know most of the subdomains. So, let us decipher some of the most common ECE domains

1. Embedded system.

Embedded System designing is the most sought after field by ECE graduates. An embedded system designer implements his knowledge to automate a company’s daily tasks, enhance their production efficiency, prevent system failures, and more. He/she has a strong knowledge of circuit design. Also, an embedded system designer is expected to possess knowledge about the basic circuit components like diodes, LED’s, resistors to advanced components like various type of sensors.

Since the Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise and the world is moving towards voice-enabled gadgets & home automation, demand for a capable embedded system designer will also increase steadily.

2. Communication

With the ever-increasing number of mobile users, the Communication Sector often faces the challenge to increase data access speed, reduce congestion, and maintain their systems. All this, at an effective cost. More and more skilled engineers will be required.

Especially in the telecommunication industry, candidates need to have knowledge about Analog & Digital Communication and radio electronics. As a Network Engineer, a candidate must have their hands dirty in tools like Cisco Packet Tracer. A cisco certification will be a cherry on the cake.

A job or even internship for ECE students in communication space is often for positions like Cloud Assistants, Network Engineers & Architects, Telecom Engineers, and more. You can be a part of leading telecommunication companies just by having the desired skills.


Most ECE students must have heard about this term. VLSI is the backbone of electronics. This is an evergreen field which has changed people’s life since the very beginning. VLSI further has 2 subdomains: Front end(design and testing) and Back-end(fabrication)

If you wish to lake a career in VLSI, start studying circuits through simulations on LTSPice / Proteus. Once you feel comfortable in the simulation software, move on to actual coding.

VLSI front end is only coding on software like VHDL/Verilog. Many institutes offer courses on VHDL/Verilog. Here is a free Youtube playlist from where you can learn this software.
Link: Youtube playlist

How to choose a field?

It’s simple. Start with learning the basics of all the 3 fields. Check and analyze which area of work attracts you the most. You have enough time in your engineering to make a decision. Well, after you choose a domain, dig deeper. Find all the useful resources on the internet, both in theory and practical.

The best way to get started is to first learn about the basic terms around that domain, which will most probably be covered in your curriculum. Next, try to complete projects related to that domain. Projects will increase your practical knowledge around that domain and give you exposure to various electrical components and their working. Certification and summer training for ECE students can also help but are not necessary.

If you do not know, what resources to follow and how to get started in any domain, comment down, and we’ll soon release a detailed article on that. Once you develop your skills and are ready for an internship, you can follow the below steps.

Getting an internship for ECE students.

Searching for internships for ECE students will be quite easy if you have some projects, basic knowledge, and a good resume. If you haven’t made a resume, check this guide to make a resume for internships. Here are a few methods of getting an internship

✅Summer Internships in IIT’s: Every year several IITs and IISER announce summer internships under a professor. These are mostly research internships but topics are related to mostly all the Engineering branches. These are one of the best internships for ECE students in India, especially if you are from tier-3 college.

You may also get a stipend, depending on the IIT. At Internshipslive, we keep you updated with all the summer internships in all the IIT's and IISER. Also, we update the website regularly whenever there is a vacancy in big companies like ISRO, BHEL, BSNL, HAL, etc.

✅Internshipslive: At Internshipslive, we post the latest internships related to engineering and other streams. So follow us on LinkedIn and make sure you visit the Engineering section to check the latest postings of internships.

✅Angel list and Internshala: Mostly these websites have a list of the startups, currently hiring. You can check for the relevant opening in your field of interest and apply to suitable internships through them. Remember, you should always search and check if the company is reputed, to avoid fake internships.

So, as you can see ECE students have a unique set of skills to master. The field is less competitive, less crowed compared to the computer science domain. We have also seen ways to find free internship for ECE students. Share this article with your ECE friends, from Bangalore, Hyderabad, and PAN India, so that they get inspired to work in their core fields!

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