6 Reasons why internships are important for a successful career

Here is why internships are important for a successful career

As the job industry is getting more competitive day by day, an employer would naturally choose someone with relevant experience in a particular domain, over a fresher. This is one of the reasons why internships are important and why every college/university student should understand the importance of an internship. But wait, there are tons of other advantages of an internship which prove why an internship is important for students

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why internships are important

1. An internship uplifts your resume (and chances of landing a job)

Do you know, recruiters spend an average of only 6 seconds reviewing a single resume. On a fresher job, a recruiter will get thousands of applications where the candidates will be having no prior work experience. Since many students tend to ignore internships, you’ll get an advantage and your chances of getting an interview call will increase drastically. 

All the recruiters love prior work experience. Having a relevant internship listed on your CV shows that you have already worked in that field before and makes your resume stand out! Know how to make a perfect resume in this article.

2. Lets you Explore different domains

Another useful reason why internships are important is that they let you explore different domains and areas of work. After completing a couple of internships, you can figure out what kind of jobs suit your personality and what areas of work attract you. Moreover, doing internships helps you gain new skills that might prove useful later in your life. 

Let us take an example. Ashwin is an engineering student. He is not interested very much in his course curriculum and realizes that programming is not his cup of tea. He applies to a marketing internship and gets selected! During that internship, Ashwin notices that he enjoys that work, and his communication and marketing skills are very good. So, after completing his graduation in engineering, Ashwin applies for marketing jobs, and having completed an internship, he is sure to get one!

3. You learn business communication

During an internship, you often need to communicate with your supervisors and other people of importance. You are often required to talk to people over calls, attend video calls, and draft e-mails. In this process, you learn and gain a very important skill i.e business communication skills. This business communication skill is very important in the corporate world and will make your life easier when you switch to jobs.

In conclusion, you'll be prepared for a job/corporate environment and you'll get a taste of the corporate world when you do an in-office internship.

4. Chances to get a PPO (The most important reason why internships are important)

PPO stands for Pre-placement Offer. In simple terms, If the company you work for, likes your work, they hire you as permanent employees by giving you a PPO. This is an amazing thing, you will have a job offer before even graduating and you can avoid the tedious process of attending job interviews.

While all your friends prepare for job interviews, upload their resumes on various portals, and attend several interviews, you can relax because you already have a job offer. All thanks to the one internship you completed. This justifies the importance of internships in college.  

5. Stipend 

Although stipend should not be the only reason you do an internship, a stipend can help you manage your day to day expenses in college without asking your parents for money. It feels good when you receive a stipend and proves to be a motivating factor. The stipend may be less in startups but top companies like EY, Amazon, etc pay well to their interns.  Many new startups hire interns and pay them well.

Although there are many unpaid internships as well, here is my pro tip: Never go for an unpaid internship unless you are getting to learn a lot from it OR it is an NGO. This is because money is a motivating factor for everyone.

6. Networking and meeting new people

The scope of internship is not only limited to learning new skills. During your journey as an intern, you meet and befriend many people. Most of your seniors (in the company) will have knowledge and expertise in many domains. You learn many things and skills from these people and your network increases. You should connect with all the influential people you meet, on social media, LinkedIn, etc. You can reach out to them, whenever you need help in your career and networking might be one of the most important reasons to do an internship.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Now since you know why internships are important,  are you currently pursuing or planning to complete an internship? Let us know in the comment section. You can definitely find amazing internships at Internshipslive

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