Difference between Internship and Apprenticeship in India (Must Read)

Difference between Internship and Apprenticeship in India

Although both internships and apprenticeships help a student in their early careers and are beneficial in some way or the other, there is a lot of difference between internships and apprenticeships. I promise you that after reading this blog, 

1. You’ll know which one to choose between apprenticeship vs internship
2. You’ll know the difference between the two

Difference between Internships and apprenticeships

So let us get started.

The basic difference between apprenticeship and internship

Basically, apprenticeship is the combination of on the job and classroom training, wherein the workers get the knowledge about the job in a classroom, and then they are required to perform the same in the workshops.
The apprenticeship training is given to engineering, diploma, and ITI students such as mechanics, electricians, welders, etc. who work under the experts of each field.

Whereas internship is a period of work experience offered by companies for a short duration and can be done by any student having relevant skills. Unlike apprenticeship, most internships do not require specific hands-on skills and can be done by anyone with relevant skills. Also, internships can be 'work from home' but apprenticeships are mostly on-field and require mechanical work.

In terms of salary/stipend

  • The salary of an apprenticeship trainee is fixed and most apprenticeship programs are paid. The stipend/salary is clearly mentioned in the offer letter. Apprenticeship trainees are paid on a monthly basis.
  • An internship may or may not be paid. There are many companies and NGOs that offer unpaid internships as well and students pursue them to learn new skills. 
  • The stipend of an internship is variable and depends on a variety of factors like work, intern’s role, company size, etc.

In terms of duration

Any given apprenticeship is of minimum 12 months i.e 1 year, to ensure that the student is properly trained. A student is not allowed to quit the apprenticeship before that period. Most companies also convert their trainees into permanent employees, but there is no guarantee.

Internships are very flexible in terms of duration. Generally, the duration of an internship is of about 3-6 months. 
Moreover, you can also find internships with shorter duration i.e several weeks or 1 month. Also if you are hardworking, you may get a job offer from the company, but again there is no surety.

Number of Internships/Apprenticeships

In most apprenticeship applications, you'll find a line stating: The candidate should not have undergone any previous training from any company. So the message is loud and clear, mostly only 1 apprenticeship training is required as the training period is long enough for the candidate to learn everything.

This is not the case with internships. Students can take up as many internships as they wish to. Read this article to find out how many internships should you do.

Other differences

Apprenticeships are regulated by the government of India: The Apprentices Act enacted in 1961. The students who wish to undergo apprenticeships need to register themselves with the official portal of apprenticeships.

There is no such law laid out for internships and internships are not regulated by the government. All the conflicts need to be handled by the company and the intern only.

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Difference between Internships and apprenticeships

Depending on the type of course that you are pursuing, you can choose either of them. Hope the difference between internships and apprenticeships in india is now clear to you.
Let us know in the comment section what are you planning to pursue out of the two. Also, you can search for the latest internships on our home page.

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