How many internships should I do Engineering edition 2020

Many engineering students often ponder upon the question “How many internships should I do?”. No doubt, the importance of internship in engineering can’t be ignored. They are really important and have many advantages. But students still have many questions like-
  1. When and for how long should I do internships?
  2. Is it hard to get an engineering internship?
  3. But most importantly,  

How many internships should I do in Engineering?

Let’s take the third question and dive in straight to the answer. 

how many internships should i do engineering

The answer in simple words: There is no hard and fast rule as to how many internships should you do in Engineering. But wait. There’s more to learn. One main thing that you should focus on is ‘productivity’. Instead of completing internships, if you spend on time writing a research paper, completing a project, learning a new skill, or preparing for further studies, you are productive! There is nothing to worry about.

Internships are definitely important, but most students fail to recognize the main purpose of doing an internship and just go for an internship because their friends are doing the same. The main purpose of Internships is to provide the students with practical knowledge and skills. These skills can be developed by completing a course or working on a project as well. But, if you are not doing any of these productive things mentioned above, you should definitely start looking for an internship on Internshipslive or other sources. 

How many internships should I apply to?

Hundreds of students apply to the internships posted online. So, to make sure that your chances of landing an internship are good enough, you should apply to a minimum of 12-15 internships. This will increase your chances of getting selected in one company or another.

Also, sometimes the HR team takes a significant amount of time to respond to your application. Hence, it is not fruitful to wait for their reply for long.

Now, You might have heard somewhere that three internships are necessary for engineering students, as per a new rule by govt. of India/ AICTE. This news is outdated (came out, somewhere around in 2017) and this rule was never strictly implemented in most of the colleges and universities. Neither this rule was strictly implemented by the government.

✅In conclusion, what matters is to develop practical knowledge and skills in your college. How you develop them, is completely up to you. And you can develop them with or without internships. Now you know that the number of internships you must do is completely up to you. It can be 1, 3, or 0 as well.

So tell us what do think about this article: How many internships should I do Engineering edition 2020. Also, tell us in the comment section, how many internships have you completed till now? If it is more than 3, we have huge respect for you ❤

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