Laboratory Techniques In Organic Chemistry 4th edition [Get Here]

 Laboratory Techniques In Organic Chemistry 4th edition [Get Here]

In this post, you will get Laboratory Techniques In Organic Chemistry 4th edition to download for free. The book is published by W. H. Freeman and its authored by Jerry R. Mohrig. This is a must read book for chemistry lovers as it covers many important concepts in depth. You can read the book as a PDF or save/download it for free from the link below.

Book Description

  • Title: Laboratory Techniques In Organic Chemistry 4th edition
  • Author: Jerry R. Mohrig
  • Publisher: W. H. Freeman
  • Format: PDF
  • Genres: Chemistry 
  • Pages: 560
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1464134227

Contents of the Book

  • Organic chemistry is an experimental science, and students learn its process in the laboratory. Our primary goal should be to teach students how to carry out well-designed experiments and draw reasonable conclusions from their results a process at the heart of science.
  • We should work to find opportunities that engage students in addressing questions whose answers come from their experiments, in an environment where they can succeed. These opportunities should be designed to catch student's interest, transforming them from passive spectators to active participants. 
  • A well-written and comprehensive textbook on the techniques of experimental organic chemistry is an important asset in reaching these goals.

More About the Book

The book is intended to serve as a laboratory textbook of experimental techniques for all students of organic chemistry. It can be used in conjunction with any lab experiments to provide the background information necessary for developing and mastering the skills required for organic chemistry lab work. Laboratory Techniques in Organic Chemistry offers a great deal of flexibility. 

It can be used in any organic laboratory with any glassware. The basic techniques for using miniscale standard taper glassware as well as microscale 14/10 standard taper or Williamson glassware are all covered. The miniscale glassware that is described is appropriate with virtually any 14/20 or 19/22 standard taper glassware kit.

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Other Important Study Material/eBooks/Notes

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Most of the college and university students found the book very useful for college examinations and  B.Sc, M.Sc, CSIR NET, GATE, TIFR, BARK, JEST, IIT-JEE and related Exams. I hope this eBook helps you in the journey of your chemistry preparation. If you have any doubts, please ask in the comments below and do share with your friends.

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