IL Finar Organic Chemistry PDF

IL Finar Organic Chemistry PDF Download

Free Download IL Finar Organic Chemistry PDF for chemistry Olympiads and competitive exams. This book PDF is written by IL Finar. The fourth impression of this book was retitled Organic Chemistry Volume one: The Fundamental Principles. It covers all the important topics of chemistry and contains summary and objective questions for each chemistry chapter.  

IL Finar Organic Chemistry PDF

Book Description

Book Title: Organic Chemistry : The Fundamental Principles - Volume 1 Fourth edition
Language: English
Author: I. L. FINAR
File Format: PDF
Number of chapters: 32 
Number of pages: 868 pages
File Size: 25+ MB

Contents of IL Finar Organic Chemistry

In this book , the author has described the fundamental principles of organic chemistry. Although the book has not been written keeping any particular examination in view, the subject matter covers most of the organic chemistry required for the General Honours Degree of London University. 

1. Introduction
2. Structure of the Atom

Aliphatic Compounds:
3. Aliphatic Compounds
4. Paraffins
5. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
6. Halogen Derivatives of the Paraffins
7. Monohydric Alcohols

8. Ethers
9. Aldehydes and Ketones
10. Fatty Acids
11. Tautomerism
12. Polyhydric Alcohols
13. Unsaturated Alcohols, Ether, Carbonyl Compounds and Acids
14. Nitrogen Compounds
15. Aliphatic Compounds of Sulphur, Phosphorus, Arsenic and Silicon

16. Organo-Metallic Compounds
17. Saturated Dicarboxylic Acids
18. Hydroxyacids, Stereochemistry
19. Carbohydrates
20. Alicyclic Compounds

Aromatic Hydrocarbons
21. Simple Aromatic Hydrocarbons
22. Aromatic Halogen Compounds
23. Aromatic Nitro-Compounds
24. Aromatic Amino-Compounds
25. Diazonium Saltsand their Related Compounds
26. Sulphonic Acids
27. Phenols
28. Alcohols, Aldehydes, Ketones and Quinones
29. Aromatic Acids
30. Polynuclear Hydrocarbons and their Derivatives

Heterocyclic Compounds:

31. Heterocyclic Compounds
32. Dyes

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Most of the college and school students found the book very useful for Olympiads and competitive examinations. Hope you like the IL Finar Organic Chemistry. This eBook will definitely help in your chemistry preparation. Do share them with your friends and visit Internshipslive regularly for books, notes and internship opportunities.

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