Westbrook Studios Internship 2024 | Eligibility, Apply Link, Salary

Westbrook Studios Internship 2024 | Eligibility, Apply Link, Salary

The incredible summer internship opportunity offered by the Westbrook Studios will allow you to gain valuable work experience. The program is designed to provide education in production for TV and film. This unique opportunity can help students get an improved job after success of the program. Read on to find more about eligibility criteria, salary, roles and apply link for Westbrook Studios Internship- 

Westbrook Studios Internship 2024

About Westbrook Studios

Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Miguel Melendez, and Ko Yada are the creators of Westbrook, a media firm that supports artists by giving them the tools to express global stories. Westbrook was founded in 2019. Red Table Talk Productions, the company behind the popular Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk and Red Table Talk: The Estefans, Westbrook Media, a vertically integrated IP incubator, brand content studio, and production company, and Good Goods, which develops distinctive consumer goods based on the company's IP and talent partners, are all housed in Westbrook. 

Westbrook curates and produces content for all key platforms, from short and mid-form digital to traditional television and movie pictures, by drawing on the Smith Family's extensive experience in entertainment and media.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The candidate  must have an desire to be involved in entertainment and media industry
  2. Candidates must be at the age of 18 and candidates must be legal residents of any US State.  
  3. Ideally, candidates will have successfully held at least 1-2 prior professional jobs (industry is not important). 
  4. A spirit of adaptability and flexibility, especially in a fast-paced and quickly changing (currently virtual) environment
  5. Confidence in your written and oral communication skills 
  6. Attention to detail and organization (for yourself and sometimes others)
  7. Excitement around opportunities to be creative and take initiative
  8. Ownership of your experience – including learning from mistakes and asking questions

Internship Roles and Duties

The company assigns a variety of tasks and duties to chosen candidates to be accomplished by the candidate-

  • Sharpen and expand your skillset to help you officially launch your career in entertainment.
  • Receive regular feedback and coaching to help foster both your personal and professional growth.
  • Participate in learning & development opportunities to increase your knowledge of Westbrook’s business, as well the entertainment and media industry at large.
  • Join a larger cohort, network and community to support you as you begin your career.  

The primary role of the applicant is to translate their imagination into reality and make the most possible results. 

The applicant must be proficient well-organized, skilled, and talented in order to be appointed as an intern for the business. 

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Westbrook Studios Intern Salary 

This is a part time position (15-20 hours per week). Compensation will be either the living wage for your city or the Los Angeles living wage ($19.35), whichever is higher.  Some of the benefits offered by the company include flexible schedule for work as well as paid time off, the ability to work from home insurance policies, as well as many other benefits.

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How to Apply for Westbrook Studios Internship

Are you interested in taking part in the program? Note that the studio is not always actively hiring. All applicants need be able to do is hit on the link below. It will direct them to the Greenhouse website where all the open positions are listed.

 Apply here ( view all the open positions here )

Hope this shared information helped you with the required internship details. If you are pursuing any of the fields mentioned above, then you should definitely try the Westbrook studios internship. Let us know if you have any other queries regarding this internship in the comment section. Do follow Internshipslive for more information on various internships.

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