Laika Studios Internship 2023 | Eligibility, Apply Link, Salary

Laika Studios Internship 2023 | Eligibility, Apply Link, Salary

The summer internship opportunity offered by Laika Studios will allow you to gain valuable work experience. It provides students with an opportunity to learn about the day-to-day operations of a famous stop-motion studio. The program is designed to provide education in production for TV and film. This unique opportunity can also help aspiring artists and animators get a job post completion of the program. Read on to find more about eligibility criteria, salary, roles and apply link for Laika Studios Internship - 

About Laika Studios

Laika Studios is an American stop-motion animation studio located in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 2005 by Nike co-founder and former CEO Phil Knight and is best known for its feature films Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings. Laika's films have received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including Academy Award nominations for Best Animated Feature. The studio has also produced a number of short films and television commercials. 

The studio often advertises for crew positions and films in Southwest Atlanta location. The business has earned a staggering profits in the past few years, and is the fastest growing company in America.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The candidate  must have an desire to be involved in film, drama as well as other TV-related shows. 
  2. Eligible candidates must be currently enrolled as a junior or senior in college or university, or within 1 year of their graduation. 
  3. Post-graduate students who are currently enrolled in a relevant program are also eligible
  4. Portfolios are required for internship positions. 

Internship Roles and Duties

LAIKA Internship Programs run for a duration of 12 weeks during the Summer months. However, internships could be delayed to the Fall or potentially cancelled if global circumstances require, such as COVID-19. All internships are hosted in-house, and we do not offer the opportunity to intern remotely.

Internships are open for the following roles or positions - 

  • Art Fabrication Intern
  • Costume Design Intern
  • Costume Fabricator Intern
  • Stop-Motion Animation Intern
  • CG Animation Intern
  • CG Rigging Intern
  • CG Modeling Intern
  • Storyboard Intern
  • Visual Development Intern

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Laika Studios Intern Salary 

The studio offer a salary or stipend equivalent to other top studios. Note that, LAIKA does not offer college credit in place of payment. LAIKA does not offer housing assistance for internships. 

How to Apply for LAIKA Studios Internship Program 

Visit to review all current openings for job and internship positions. Acceptable resume formats include: PDF (.pdf) and MS Word (.doc/.docx). If applicable, please include your portfolio URL in the website field of your application.

Make sure to follow the official LinkedIn Page of Laika, so that you get updated whenever they start hiring interns for that particular year. 

Note: Cover letters are not required. No pitches/audio recordings/attachments allowed. 

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Alternatively, if you have any other questions regarding recruitment process, you can ask by mailing at

Hope this shared information helped you with the required internship details. If you are pursuing any of the fields mentioned above, then you should definitely try for LAIKA studios internship. Let us know if you have any other queries regarding this internship in the comment section. Do follow Internshipslive for more information on various internships.

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