Vocab Prodigy Book PDF By Nimisha Bansal [Free Download]

Vocab Prodigy Book PDF By Nimisha Bansal  Free Download

Free Download Vocab Prodigy Book PDF By Nimisha Bansal - English for General Competition - for students preparing for various competitive exams. Published by Invincible Publishers, It covers all the essential concepts of English required for competitive examinations like Bank, NDA, CDS, SSC, MBA, MCA,UPSC, B.Ed. Exams, etc. Find more details and Google drive link below.

Vocab Prodigy Book PDF By Nimisha Bansal

Vocab Prodigy Book Details

Book Description

  • Title: English with Nimisha Bansal
  • Publisher: Invincible Publishers
  • Authors: Nimisha Bansal
  • Publication Date: Latest
  • Pages : 840 pages
  • ISBN 10: 8194313406

Salient Features

  • This book's primary motivation is to familiarise its devoted readers with the subject so they can rethink their strategy and handle any problem with the greatest ease. The English grammar section is the most important part of any competitive examination. 
  • Maximum efforts have been made to collect "Top 120 Rules of Grammar" that cover nearly every question based on error part. This is due to the continual change in the manner questions are posed in the banking, insurance, SSC, railways, and defence examinations. 
  • As a result, we divided the book into five sections, each of which can significantly improve your talents, taking into account the importance that this book bears.
  • There are 750+ questions based on spotting errors, duly divided into 15 Practice Sets, to avail our readers with ample opportunities to practice their skills. 
  • Moreover, 10 additional mock tests which contain more than 300+ questions are provided to visualize latest patterns of questions being asked in banking examinations. 

Book Chapters

  1. 120 Rules of Grammar
  2. Strategies to solve every kind of question
  3. 1000+ Practice questions with detailed explanations
  4. 15 Practice Sets
  5. 10 Mock Papers
  6. Vocabulary with Roots
  7. Idioms/ Phrases & Phrasal Verb

About The Author 

Nimisha Bansal is a very dedicated and a passionate English teacher. She has trained millions of students and holds more than eight years of experience. Many of her students are currently working in various public sector banks and government organizations. She has dedicated her life towards making English the easiest subject for all.

Vocab Prodigy Book Nimisha Bansal PDF Download Link

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