Navneet Science Digest Std 10 PDF Download

 Navneet Science Digest Std 10 PDF Download

Free Download Navneet Science Digest Std 10 PDF for students of Maharashtra State Board and SSC. This book PDF covers all the essential concepts of science required for class 10th SSC examinations 2022 term 1 and term 2. It is a must study book after NCERT and is recommended by many teachers. Find more details and Google drive link below. 

Navneet Science Digest Std 10 PDF Download

Navneet Science Digest STD 10 Book Description

Navneet digests are supplementary study books to the board textbooks, which enhance the overall learning of the students, through organized content and easy language. 

We have been around from the last 60 years providing the best quality content to students in their preferred choice, and in turn helping them to progress in their academic endeavour.

Book Details

  • Title: Std 10 | Science and Technology Digest Part 1 | Navneet | English Medium
  • Publisher: Navneet Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2020 (latest)
  • Pages : 312 pages
  • ISBN 10: 9390205271
  • Book Condition: New

Features of Navneet Science Digest Std 10

  • Navneet Digest Science book is a best book it has well explain practice activity.
  • Author has explain the chapter point to point from from the beginning.
  • Author has added the Model Answers and also added the extra questions in this chapter.
  • Model Question answer to HOTS questions has been asked under "use your brain power" , " Think about it", etc.,
  • Here is a activity based questions are given “Try this”
  • Questions answer has been added to ” can you tell?‘ and ” can you recall?’ in every chapter
  • To revise fast memory maps has been added ate the last of the every chapter.
  • If there is find necessary should use  neat, well-labeled diagrams
  • To practice every day Board’s activity sheet is given for practice

Chapters of Navneet Science Digest Std 10 Part 1 

  • Gravitation
  • Periodic classifications of elements
  • Chemical reaction and equations
  • Effect of electric current
  • Heat
  • Refraction of light
  • Lenses
  • Metallurgy
  • Carbon Compounds
  • Space missions

Chapters of Navneet Science Digest Std 10 Part 2

    • Heredity and evolution
    • life processes in living organisms: Part 1
    • life processes in living organisms: Part 2
    • Environment management
    • towards green energy
    • Animal Classification
    • Introduction to microbiology
    • Cell Biology and biotechnology
    • Social Health
    • Disaster Management

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    Q: How to get Navneet Digest PDF STD 10 book?

    We suggest you to purchase the Navneet Digest Science STD 10 Part 1 & Part 2 book from the Amazons links given above. You can also get the PDF version on this website itself. Find the link for the same above. 
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