Shiv Das Class 10 Maths PDF [Latest Edition]

Shiv Das Class 10 Maths PDF [Latest Edition]

Free Download Shiv Das Class 10 Maths PDF for students of CBSE, ICSE, and UP board. This book PDF covers all the essential concepts of mathematics required for class 10th examinations 2022 term 1 and term 2. It is a must study book after NCERT and is recommended by many teachers. Find more details and Google drive link below. 

Shiv Das Class 10 Maths PDF

Shiv Das Maths Class 10 Book Description

CBSE Chapterwise Exam Question Bank By SHIVDAS. This book include - 
1 Competency Based Questions Case Studies with MCQs, Assertion Reasoning, Objective Type MCQs 2 Chapterwise Keynotes, Questions and Answers 3 OMR Based Sample Question Paper

This Book has been developed with the help of subject experts to score maximum marks in CBSE Board Exams. There are Self Assessment Tests at the end of every chapter.
The Latest CBSE Sample Paper has been solved and added to this book for student’s convenience.

Book Details

  • Title: Shivdas CBSE Chapterwise and Markswise Board Exam Question Bank for Class 10 Mathematics Standard 
  • Publisher:  Shiv Das and Sons Educational Publisher
  • Authors : Shiv Das
  • Publication Date: 2022 (latest)
  • Pages : 410 pages
  • ISBN 10: 9390036046
  • Book Condition: New

Chapters of Shiv Das Class 10 Maths Book 

Chapter 1 Real Numbers
Chapter 2 Polynomials
Chapter 3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Chapter 4 Quadratic Equations
Chapter 5 Arithmetic Progressions
Chapter 6 Triangles
Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 8 Introduction to Trigonometry
Chapter 9 Some Applications of Trigonometry
Chapter 10 Circles
Chapter 11 Constructions
Chapter 12 Areas Related to Circles
Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes
Chapter 14 Statistics
Chapter 15 Probability


Shiv Das Class 10 Maths PDF Download Link

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