Metrohealth Dietetic Internship - Eligibility, Salary, Careers USA

Metrohealth Dietetic Internship - Eligibility, Salary, Careers USA

Metrohealth Dietetic internship is one of the best choices as an early career opportunity for students willing to make a career path in the dietetic profession. The MetroHealth Medical Center Dietetic Internship Program is designed to provide a learning experience that prepares the Intern to respond to the versatile demands of the dietetics profession. This program aims to train the Dietetic Intern to become an entry-level generalist Dietitian. Read on to know more about internship details, eligibility criteria, salary, and application link.

Metrohealth Dietetic Internship

About Metrohealth Company

Metrohealth was founded in 1837 and has vividly expanded its branches to different places to serve more people in need. The team consists of more than 600 doctors, 1700 nurses, and 7800 employees at present time. The company is home to Cuyahoga County’s most experienced Adult Trauma Center, verified since 1992, and Ohio’s only adult and pediatric trauma and burn center. It has 4 emergency departments, 20 health centers, and 40 additional sites throughout Cuyahoga County.

The MetroHealth Dietetic Internship Program is a 44-week post-baccalaureate program that has been accredited by The Accreditation Council for Dietetic Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), the accrediting agency of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, since 1981. Read more about the company here.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission Requirements

  • Must have at least a bachelor's degree and ACEND-accredited coursework requirements (Didactic Program in Dietetics).
  • All applicants should submit a DPD Verification Statement or Declaration of Intent.
  • Every applicant should have a 2.5 or higher GPA in their respective field and segment of studies.
  • Cover letter (not exceeding one page) answering the following questions: 

  1. Why do you want to enter the dietetics profession?
  2. Discuss experiences that have helped to prepare you for your career.
  3. What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses or areas needing improvement?

  • Letter of Recommendation

Additional skills

  • High level of confidence and knowledge in nutrition and dietetics and keeps abreast of current trends and research in food services and relevant aspects of clinical dietetics
  • Volunteer experience in dietetics or food service-related fields might be an additional skill to add, elevating the chances of selection.

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Metrohealth Internship Roles/Positions

The student internships will provide real-world work experience in one of nine departments: nursing, radiology, marketing, communications, environmental services, safety and security, research, patient access, or physical therapy.

  • Develop comprehensive process mapping for various clinical and operational processes
  • Support workflow data collection, analysis, and documentation to improve hospital throughput by identifying barriers and potential solutions for more efficient patient flow
  • Assess clinical workflow delays to identify and track solutions with the operations team using process improvement, Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Develop social media presence using posts, campaigns, content calendars, and performance reports
  • Utilize planning, testing, evaluation, and reporting tools to evaluate process efficiencies to provide recommendations and track sustainability
  • Assist in developing education for new hospital processes

Metrohealth Dietetic Internship Salary 

The company offers an attractive amount for the students to motivate them even more for the work. The salary in Metrohealth Dietetic internship for interns goes from $31,380 to $33,581 annually.

How to Apply for a Dietetic Internship at Metrohealth?

In general, applications can be started in December, and the deadline to submit is in February, with final selection occurring in April. MetroHealth charges a non-refundable program fee of $50 to review applications. The application will not be processed without application fee payment.

  1. Visit this linked site.
  2. As instructed in the above site, you'll be required to pay the fees at 3 sites. DICAS fee ($50), D&D Digital's fees ($55) and MetroHealth's non-refundable program fee of $50. 
  3. Apply for the programs as per your choice by filling out the forms.
  4. Finally, you’ll be notified of further steps and other internship information via your given contact details.

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Metrohealth Dietetic Internship Reviews

Interns from different regions have expressed their gratefulness to this company and this internship particularly. This internship lets the students be innovative in various categories which not only sharpens their skills but also helps them explore their interests. Metrohealth is an academic medical center, so apart from the exceptional treatment facility they also train and teach newcomers to become the next caregivers.

Students from the mentioned educational field should definitely try for Metrohealth Dietetic Internship. This internship might turn out to be the best summer activity of your life. So go ahead and apply for the internship following the steps written above.  Let us know if you have any other queries regarding this job in the comment section. Do follow InternshipsLive for more information on various internships.

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