Sodexo Dietetic Internship - Eligibility, Salary, Careers USA

Sodexo Dietetic Internship - Eligibility, Salary, Careers

Sodexo Dietetic internship is one of the best choices as an early career opportunity for students willing to make a career path in the dietetic profession. Sodexo provides multiple services in the following segments such as hospitals, schools, universities, leisure, government, senior living facilities, and corporate services. This company prepares interns in a flexible, inclusive, and creative manner so that they’ll eventually become entry-level registered nutritionists. Read on to know more about internship details, eligibility criteria, salary, and application link.


Sodexo Dietetic Internship

About Sodexo Company

Sodexo was founded in 1966 in France, and proudly they have expanded into 12 regions throughout the United States to serve even better for the mass. Sodexo sponsored five more dietetic internships previously, and the Sodexo Dietetic Internship is the merger of those independent dietetic internships.

The dietetic internship program by Sodexo has expanded quite a lot over so many years. This organization is the world’s leading private employer of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, and the internships have become one of the nation’s leading Dietetic Internship Programs. In recent times the expanded team expects to have almost 125 interns every year. Read more about the company on its official LinkedIn page

Sodexo Dietetic Internship Eligibility Criteria

Admission Requirements

     Must have at least a bachelor's degree and ACEND-accredited coursework requirements (Didactic Program in Dietetics).

     All applicants should submit a DPD Verification Statement or Declaration of Intent.

     Every applicant should have a 3.0 or higher GPA in their respective field and segment of studies.

     Trained in public relations and media skills


Additional skills 

     High level of confidence and knowledge in nutrition and dietetics and keeps abreast of current trends and research in food services and relevant aspects of clinical dietetics

     Volunteer experience in dietetics or food service-related fields might be an additional skill to add, elevating the chances of selection.

     Competence in the use of nutritional analysis software and data accuracy in nutritional analysis.


Sodexo Intern Roles

     Monitor and evaluate contract standards concerning dietetics

     Contribute new ideas for product development and identify gaps in current ranges

     Have to work with the technical department simultaneously to ensure the accuracy of published nutritional data by regularly examining our Real-Time Technical data.

     Should be prepared to collaborate with the Trust on Nutritional Care and Hydration policies

     Support the Trust in initiatives relating to dementia care and other nutrition-focused patient care.

     Attend contract review meetings and nutritional steering group.

     Get feedback from existing customers through surveys and other activities.

As a strong communicator, you will partner with other teams to support the contract, client, business growth, and development. You’ll also be in the role of a strategic link between the Trust's large team of Speech and Language Therapists, Doctors, and Nursing staff, and Sodexo where all matters on food and hydration are concerned.

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Sodexo Dietetic Internship Salary

Sodexo dietetic internship offers almost $1000 to each student. Moreover, interns gain quality insights and training they get from the experienced team  is amazing. Also, one valuable certification on the completion of the internship is provided.


How to Apply for a Dietetic Internship at Sodexo?

The application process for the dietetic internship in this company comes with an application fee, which is $55 for one region and $80 to apply for two or more. A proper Electronic portfolio is a must to apply for this internship. Sodexo Dietetic internship has its Spring and Fall matches for students to apply.


1.   Sodexo Dietetic Internship participates in the DICAS Application Process for Spring and Fall matches. Hence, visit the official DICAS website here.

2.   Register on the site and use DICAS to search for Sodexo program under "Sodexo Morrisville, PA" and submit your application.

3.   Apply for the programs as per your choice by filling out the forms.

4.   Finally, you’ll be notified of further steps and other internship information via your given contact details.

Note:  The on-line application must be completed for our program by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on February 15 for the Spring match and September 25 for the Fall match.

​The fee to use DICAS is $50 for the first application submitted and $25 for each additional application. Because we are one program with a number of Regions and are under one application, you will only need pay one DICAS fee regardless of how many of our Regions you choose. Read the full detailed application process here

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Sodexo Dietetic Internship Reviews

Interns from different regions have expressed their gratefulness to this company and this internship particularly. This internship lets the students be innovative in various categories which not only sharpens their skills but also helps them explore their interests.

Sodexo is a well-known and one of the most successful companies in their respective segments. They employ the students after the completion of their internship if they are eligible enough for the openings. This internship program can be a turning point in your career. Students who dedicatedly see themselves serving people from different regions as a nutritionist or dieticians in the future should definitely apply for this Sodexo Dietetic Internship. 

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