[PDF] Akshat Kaushal Sociology Notes Download

 [PDF] Akshat Kaushal Sociology Notes Download 

In this post, you will get Akshat Kaushal Sociology Notes for UPSC Mains. The notes are fully handwritten and are readily available to download in PDF format. We have covered all the papers - paper 1 and paper 2These sociology notes are very concise and easy to understand. Free download link and other details can be found below.

Akshat Kaushal Sociology Notes Download

Sociology Paper 1 and Paper 2 Contents

  • Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology
  • Protest, agitation, social movement, collective action and revolution
  • Power elite, bureaucracy, pressure groups and political parties
  • Nation, state, citizenship, democracy, civil society, ideology.
  • Family, household and marriage + Types and forms of family + Lineage and descent
  • Patriarchy and sexual division of labour
  • Contemporary trends in marriage
  • Sociology and other social sciences
  • Sociology and Common sense
  • Science, scientific method and critque
  • Positivism and its critique
  • Fact, value and objectivity
  • Variables, sampling, hypothesis, reliability and validity
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Techniques of data collection
  • Robert K Merton: Latent and manifest functions, Conformity and deviance, and reference groups
  • Mead: Self and Identity
  • Karl Marx: Historical Materialism, Mode of Production, Alienation, and class struggle
  • Max Weber: Social Action, Ideal types, authority, bureaucracy, protestant ethic & spirit of capitalism
  • Talcott Parsons
  • Emile Durkheim
  • Religion and Society : Sociological theories of religion
  • Religion and science
  • Secularisation
  • Religious revivalism
  • Religious fundamentalism
  • Religious organisations:
  • Millenarian movements
  • Theories of social stratification: Structural-functionalist theory, Marxist theory
  • Nomothetic and Ideographic
  • Cultural lag theory

Paper-2 Contents :

  • On domestic violence act
  • Women in IT sector
  • Untouchability: Forms and Perspectives
  • Challenges to Social Transformation:
  • Population size, growth, composition and distribution & Components of population growth: birth, death and migration.
  • Emerging issues: Ageing, sex ratios, child and infant mortality, reproductive health
  • Sex ratio:
  • Infant mortality rate
  • Environment movements
  • Women’s movements
  • Dalit movement
  • Backward Class movements
  • Peasant and farmer movements
  • Tribal movements
  • Social background of Indian Nationalism
  • Social reforms
  • Constitution, law and social change
  • Education and social change
  • Idea of development planning and mixed economy :->Bipan Chandra
  • Social classes in India
  • System of kinship in India
  • Patriarchy, entitlements and sexual division of labour.
  • Tribal Communities in India
  • Agrarian social structure -> Evolution of land tenure system and land reforms
  • Cooperatives
  • Modernisation of Indian Tradition
  • Western Impact on India
  • Idea of Indian Village and Village studies
  • Land tenure system
  • Features of caste system -> Look at Ghurye
  • Problems of religious minority in India:
  • Urbanisation in India
  • Child Labour
  • Informal sector
  • Slums and deprivation in urban areas
  • Slums

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Download Sociology Paper 1 - Get Here
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Akshat Kaushal Sociology Notes Review

Most of the aspirants found the notes to be easy to understand and concise. The chapters were well divided and print quality was good too. Thousands of students refer their notes and get success in the examinations. Hence we cannot doubt their quality. 

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Q: Who is Akshat Kaushal?

Akshat is a UPSC topper who held 55th rank in UPSC Mains in the year 2017. He cleared the examination in his 5th attempt that too after studying only for 16 - 17 days. He joined the Police Service and became an IPS.

Q: Is Sociology easy to study?

Sociology is an optional subject that requires intensive answer writing practice. Overall, the subject is easy to study and highly scoring as well. Students with humanities background find the subject really easy since they have already studied it in their school curriculum.

Q: Which are the best books for sociology optional for UPSC?

IGNOU books practically cover the entire syllabus of IAS (UPSC CSE) Mains Sociology paper I and II. As a result, applicants can use IGNOU Books and make syllabus-wise notes from IGNOU Books.

Hope these notes help you in the journey of your UPSC preparation. If you have any doubts, please ask in the comments below and do visit Internshipslive for more! Share with your friends.

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