Nuclear Physics By DC Tayal PDF (Download)

Nuclear Physics By DC Tayal PDF  Ebook Free Download

In this post you will get the latest version of Nuclear Physics by DC Tayal. The ebook is available to download for free in PDF format. This book is created by Arjun Singh, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Physics Shri Mata Vaishn o Devi University College Teacher Mr.  Pankaj Biswas, and  cross-checked by Chaya Ravindra. It was funded by a grant from the National Mission on Education through ICT.
Nuclear Physics By DC Tayal PDF (Download)
Nuclear Physics By DC Tayal PDF

Nuclear Physics By DC Tayal Book Description

Title: Nuclear Physics
Author: D. C. Tayal
Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai
Edition: 5
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-93-5024-743-31


Contents of the Book

The eBook contains the following chapters in sequence - 
  • List of Scilab Codes
  • General Properties of Atomic Nucleus
  • Radioactivity and Isotopes
  • Interactions of Nuclear Radiations with Matter
  • Detection and Measurement of Nuclear Radiations
  • Alpha Particles
  • Beta Decay
  • Gamma Radiation
  • Beta Decay
  • Nuclear Models
  • Nuclear Reactions
  • Particle Accelerators
  • Neutrons
  • Nuclear Fission and Fusion
  • Nuclear Fission Reactors
  • Chemical and Biological Effects of Radiation
  • Elementary Particles

Review of Nuclear Physics By DC Tayal 

This book is very useful for PG students and those who love physics. The explanation of various concepts is very clear in the book.  Most of the students found the content to be really good and well written. But the paper quality and binding is not that much good.

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Nuclear Physics By DC Tayal PDF Download Link 

Hope this ebook - Nuclear Physics by DC Tayal, helps you in the journey of your physics preparation. If you have any doubts, please ask in the comments below and do share with your friends.

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