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Bharat Panchal Chemistry Handwritten Notes [PDF]

In this post, we will provide all the chemistry notes by Chemistry Guruji - Mr. Bharat Panchal Sir. These notes are handwritten and cover both - organic as well as inorganic chemistry for class 12. The notes are taken from sir's official YouTube channel and are organized here for easy access by students.
These can be used for revision of entire chemistry syllabus at once, after studying from NCERT. These notes are extremely useful for every 12th grader having PCM or PCB stream. You can access them below.


Who is Bharat Panchal?

  • Bharat Panchal Sir is a very famous chemistry teacher and a Youtuber. Also known as Chemistry Guruji 2.0, he currently has about 1 lakh subscribers on his YouTube Channel. 
  • Student love his quality notes and "one-shot" revision videos, where he tries to cover full chapters/syllabus in one video.
  • He is known for providing free quality content related to Class 11 and Class 12 students preparing for Boards, JEE, NEET, BITSAT and other competitive exams. 

One of the most famous video from his channel can be seen above. 

Chapter-wise Chemistry Notes

  • Chapter 1 - The Solid State by Bharat Panchal - PDF 
  • Chapter 2 - Solutions - PDF
  • Chapter 3 - Electro chemistry  - PDF 
  • Chapter 4 - Chemical Kinetics - Get Here
  • Chapter 5 - Surface Chemistry by Bharat Panchal - Get Here
  • Chapter 6 - P block  - Get Here
  • P block Part 2 - Get Here
  • Chapter 7 - D and F Block - Get Here
  • Chapter 8 - Coordination Compounds - Not available

Organic Chemisty Notes  



⚠ We have tried our best to cover all the chapters. In case any chapter is missing, please let us know in the comment section below. To access the notes, simply click or tap on the 'Get Here' link in front of each chapter. 
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Other Important Chemistry Notes for Class 12

Chemistry becomes a very easy subject if you have a right mentor and some high quality notes for last minute revision. Do not forget to check out these high quality, free chemistry notes from other popular teachers and Youtubers

These notes are equally helpful and hundreds of students follow them for their preparation. Hope you like the handwritten Chemistry notes by Bharat Panchal. Do share them with your friends and visit Internshipslive regularly for notes, study, careers and internship opportunities.

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