Almt Legal Internship - Eligibility, Salary, Careers [India 2021]

 Almt Legal Internship - Eligibility, Salary, Reviews, Careers in India

Let us discuss in detail about the Almt Legal Internship Program and how to get an internship in this prestigious law firm. If you are a law student in India, you should definitely apply to this opportunity. ALMT hires year round and is always looking for fresh interns to join their offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.  

ALMT Legal Internship

Read on to find the detailed eligibility criteria, reviews, application process, salary and internship experiences of various students. Let us get started. 


About Almt Legal

ALMT Legal is a full-service and well established Indian law firm. It consists of roughly 100+ lawyers and many partners spread across locations in  such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. that combines high-quality Indian experience with global reach. ALMT has an established reputation as one of India's top bracket legal firms. 


All their attorneys are highly skilled, educated and possess the knowledge of the Indian market. They also have lawyers who are members of the prestigious Law Society of England and Wales.


Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a law student, pursuing a full time law degree from a government recognized law school.  
  • The candidate should be bright and talented student who are at the top of their class. The candidate should have good academic records and should possess strong interpersonal, leadership, writing and analytical skills.
PS: Although you can apply for the internship at any year of study, it is recommended to apply in 2nd year and above.


How To Apply for Almt Legal Internship (Application Process)

Interested LLB students and BA.LLB students can apply for an internship. Simply, you can send an email to Make sure you attach your updated CV and cover letter in the email. Check more details on the official career page of the firm. 

Your CV should be fully personalized and look impressive. It must contain your basic information such as candidate's name, year of college, college name phone number, email address, preferred internship period. Also attach a cover letter along with your resume.

Alternatively, you can contact any of the law offices of Almt directly. The offices are located in Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi. You can walk in to their office and ask for the internship.


If you are shortlisted or selected, you will get a call from the HR department.

Stipend offered at the firm

Almt mostly offers no stipend and the internships are usually unpaid at their offices. However, if you have a very strong and impressive profile, the company may hire you as a paid intern. The chances are low though.

Usually only the bigger and well known law firms offer stipend in legal offices in India.  

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On a positive note, you will get an internship certificate. Moreover, you may also get hired as a full time entry-level associate after the internship. Needless to say, that position will offer a very good pay.

More about Almt Legal Internship

  • The office is open 5 days a week and the intern is expected to work to work from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. 
  • Interns mainly have to complete meaningful legal research, receive comprehensive training and have numerous opportunity to interact with lawyers
  • The best part is that the internship program is geared to give ALMT Legal Interns a realistic view of the legal profession and how things actually work in a law office.


Hope now you have enough knowledge about the Almt Legal Internship Program. Do apply for the same and encourage for friends to apply for this opportunities. 


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