Supreme Mathematics PDF [Download FREE]

Supreme Mathematics PDF [Download FREE]

In this post you will get the latest version of Supreme Mathematics PDF. The eBook is available to download for free in PDF format. This book is published by and it shows relationships between African and Modern mathematical objects, terms, and concepts. 

Supreme Mathematics Book Description

Subject Mathematics
Edition‏ : ‎ Latest
Format : PDF
Size : 75 MB

"Supreme Mathematic: African Ma'at Magic" is a book written by Black Panther Zawadi, published in 2011.

It explores the intersection of mathematics, spirituality, and African culture. The book aims to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the African worldview, symbolism, and cosmology through the lens of mathematics. It delves into the concept of Ma'at, an ancient Egyptian term associated with order, balance, and justice, and demonstrates how mathematics can be used to unlock spiritual and metaphysical knowledge.

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Student reviews of this book 

  • It offer a unique perspective on mathematics and its connection to African culture and spirituality.
  • Contains useful illustrations

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