TNCC Study Guide PDF [Latest] 2023

TNCC Study Guide PDF [Latest] 2023 

Free Download TNCC Study Guide PDF exclusively for nursing students preparing for TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Course) exam. It is a certification exam for registered nurses (RNs) who provide emergency and trauma care to patients. The TNCC course is designed to teach RNs the knowledge and skills needed to provide optimal care to trauma patients. We have provided the study guide in PDF format for this test below.

Course Details

The TNCC certification is offered by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) and is widely recognized as a standard for emergency and trauma nursing care. The course and exam are typically taken by nurses working in emergency departments, trauma centers, or critical care units. The TNCC certification is valid for four years, after which the RN must retake the exam to maintain certification.

What to study for TNCC Exam?

To prepare for the TNCC exam, registered nurses (RNs) should review the course materials provided in the course. These materials cover a wide range of topics related to trauma care, including:

  1. Trauma assessment and triage
  2. Airway and breathing management
  3. Shock and resuscitation
  4. Head and spinal injuries
  5. Chest and abdominal injuries
  6. Musculoskeletal injuries
  7. Burns and environmental injuries
  8. Special populations, including pediatric and geriatric patients
  9. Communication and teamwork in trauma care
In addition to the course materials, RNs can also review textbooks and guidelines related to trauma care, such as the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) guidelines, which are widely used in trauma care. Practice questions and mock exams can also help RNs prepare for the TNCC exam.

TNCC Study Guide PDF [Updated]


Q: What is a passing score for Tncc?

Candidates need to score 80% or greater on the MCQ examination and demonstrating all critical steps and 70% of the total points in the evaluated skill stations.

Q: Is TNCC difficult?

For new nurses, this examination may be quite difficult and intense. However, with proper preparation and strategy, it can be cleared. 

Student reviews of this book 

  • Answers are standard and it will result in good marks.
  • Only contains MCQ's and no theory.

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