RD Sharma Class 10 PDF FREE Download

RD Sharma Class 10 PDF FREE Download

Free Download RD Sharma Class 10 PDF for students of CBSE, ICSE, and UP board. This book PDF by Dhanpat Rai Publications covers all the important chapter-wise questions and answers of class 9th mathematics. This book is highly recommended by many school teachers. Moreover, the book contains summary, previous year questions and objective questions for each NCERT class 10 math chapters.

RD Sharma Class 10 PDF FREE Download

RD Sharma Class 10 Maths Book Description

This book is written by by famous mathematics author RD Sharma and is published by Dhanpat Rai Publications. Math teachers and faculty strongly recommend this book for beginners who entered class 10th and want to strengthen their base in the subject. This book must be followed after NCERT

It has been written in such a way that the students will be fully guided to prepare for the exams in the most effective manner and securing higher grades. It constitutes all the key concepts in each distinctive chapter in an explanatory manner for the better understanding. The book not only focuses on imparting theoretical knowledge, but also on enhancing the revision and practice level. It has all the materials required for Learning, Understanding, and Practice & Assessment and will surely guide the students to the way of success.

Book Details

Title: Mathematics for Class 10 - CBSE - by R.D. Sharma Examination 2022-23
Publisher ‏: ‎Dhanpat Rai and Co.
Language ‏: ‎ English
Country of Origin ‏: ‎ India
Subject : Mathematics
Format: PDF

Contents of the Book

  1. Real Number 
  2. Polynomials 
  3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables 
  4. Quadratic Equations 
  5. Arithmetic Progression 
  6. Coordinate Geometry 
  7. Triangles 
  8. Circles 
  9. Construction 
  10. Trigonometric Ratios 
  11. Trigonometric Identities 
  12. Heights and Distances 
  13. Areas Related to Circles 
  14. Surface Areas and Volumes 
  15. Statistics and Probability.

RD Sharma Class 10 PDF Download Link

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Q: What all does the book cover?

The best thing about this book is the fact that it has highlighted all the important points of the chapter before giving the exercises. All the important facts and definitions along with diagrams are also  provided in this book.  

Q: Is RD Sharma Class 10 Maths enough for Boards?

This is one of the best books which helps you at the time of the revision, of your syllabus. It comes with a lots of questions. However, one should definitely follow NCERT before any supplementary book. 

Student reviews of this book 

  • Questions are standard and it will be good for CBSE class 10th math's preparation.
  • Topic wise MCQS are informative,

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