Pradeep Biology Class 11 PDF FREE | Volume 1 and 2

Pradeep Biology Class 11 PDF FREE | Volume 1 and 2 

In this post, you will get Pradeep Biology Class 11 PDF. The name of the book is Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology for Class 11 (Vol. 1 & 2) - Examination 2022/23 and its author are G. Chopra, H.N. Srivastava, P.S. Dhami. This book is very useful for JEE Mains, NEET and other entrance examinations like NET, GATE, TIFR, BARK, JEST, IIT-JAM etc. You may download the PDF or read online!

Pradeep Biology Class 11 PDF FREE

Contents of the book 

Pradeep’s books are the only books meeting this requirement in the most innovative way for more than 30 years. Whether Physics or Chemistry or Biology or Mathematics, The books are being updated with knowledge every year and presented in the most acceptable & interesting manner. This is why Pradeep's books are no.1 selling books in the country. 

Features of Pradeep Biology Class 11 Book

  • The book is restructured so as to include the application of the principles in the form of solve problems and numerical.
  • The entire subject matter has been presented with a proper subheadings to facilitate the reader don't understand the text in a simpler way 
  • It contains Multiple choice questions, completion type, true/false, and matching type questions.
  • It contains NCERT textbook exercise with answers. 

Pradeep Biology Class 11 PDF Vol 1 and 2 Download Link 

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Chapter 1Download Pdf
Chapter 2Download Pdf
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Chapter 5Download Pdf
Chapter 7Download Pdf
Chapter 8Download Pdf
Chapter 9Download Pdf
Chapter 10Download Pdf
Chapter 11Download Pdf
Chapter 17Download Pdf
Chapter 19Download Pdf

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Hope this ebook - Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology for Class 11 (Vol. 1 & 2), helps you in the journey of your Biology preparation. If you have any doubts, please ask in the comments below and do share with your friends.

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