Refinery29 Internship USA - Eligibility, Salary, Careers, Application Process 2023

 Refinery29 Internship USA - Eligibility, Salary, Careers, Application Process 2023

If you are an undergraduate student, looking for an internship in a media and entertainment company, the Refinery29 Internship might be suitable for you. Refinery29 is a feminist media and entertainment company focused on celebrating women. In this article you will get to know more about the company, their internship program, eligibility criteria to do that internship, roles and position, salary interns get and lastly, the steps to apply for Refinery29 summer internship programs.

Refinery29 Internship USA

About the Company

Refinery29 is a global media and entertainment firm dedicated to promoting women's perspectives and experiences. From articles to social media, events to short films, 29Rooms to television, they present tales through a variety of channels and content categories. The company's mission is to help women recognize, feel, and claim their power. The company is owned by Vice Media.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Are comfortable working in a fast-paced, high volume team
  • Have excellent communication skills and extremely organized
  • Can thrive in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment while maintaining a proactive attitude
  • Have a positive attitude and be a team player.
  • Must be highly creative and acutely dialed into the industry and social media trends

Other Skills:

  • Comfortable and energized working in a fast-paced, high volume operation
  • Collaborative and open to feedback in pursuit of constantly pushing content to new heights
  • Ready to adapt with an ever-changing environment and industry

Intern Roles and Position

Generally, Refinery29 hires for the below mentioned roles/departments. The vacancies for interns are quite few in the company.

  • Production 
  • Human Resources 
  • Finance & Accounting 
  • Product 
  • Sales
  • Creative 
  • Business Development 
  • Media Support/Operations 
  • Editorial
  • Experiential 
  • Design
  • Client Services 
  • Legal 
  • Audience Development 
  • Post Production 
  • Operations 

Intern Salary

Refinery29 provides handsome salary to their interns. Although, the amount depends in which department you’re working in. The estimated total pay for an intern at Refinery29 is $22,525 per year. This number represents the median and varies with role.

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How To Apply To Refinery29 Internship Program

  1. Visit this careers page of Vice Media to view all the available opportunities for interns and new graduates
  2. Take a look at the list of available opportunities and then apply on the opening of your choice.
  3. After applying, the company will review your application and if your profile will be suitable for that position you will be called for the interview.
  4. If you clear it, then you will receive a joining letter and then you can join the internship program.

Intern Reviews

๐Ÿ‘ Overall, the internship is great and helps you to learn a lot. The producers and coworkers are fantastic, as are the professionals in the design and editorial departments. 

๐Ÿ‘Ž Organization lacks diversity. This is a business that claims to be built on intersectional feminist ideas and inclusivity, but has very less female employees. Also, some people of upper management are deceitful, inept, and unappreciative. 

๐Ÿ‘ŽPeople in the same department are compensated differently for doing the same work with the same level of expertise. This is sometimes due to nepotism and family relationships.

That was all the main information regarding the Refinery29 internship. Hope all of your questions regarding their internship program are answered in this article. You should definitely give it a try and apply in their upcoming program. Follow InternshipsLive to know more about upcoming opportunities.

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