Surveying Book B.C. Punmia PDF

 Surveying Book B.C. Punmia PDF

Free Download Surveying Book by B.C. Punmia PDF, Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr Arun Kuma Jain. The volume 1 and volume 2 of book are published by Lakshmi Publications. The book is very useful for your university examinations as well as entrance examinations like GATE, ITI, HAL, PWD, JEE, Railways ONGC, BHEL, and UPSC. This book PDF covers all the important topics of Civil Engineering

Surveying Book B.C. Punmia PDF


Surveying Book B.C. Punmia PDF Book Contents

Chapter 1   Curve Surveying I : Simple Circular Curves
Chapter 2   Curve Surveying II : Commpound and Reverse Curves
Chapter 3   Curve Surveying III : Transition Curves
Chapter 4   Curve Surveying IV : Vertical Curves
Chapter 5   Trigonometrical Levelling
Chapter 6   Hydrographic Surveying
Chapter 7   Mine Surveying
Chapter 8   Triangulation
Chapter 9   Survey Adjustments and Theory of Errors
Chapter 10 Topographic Surveying
Chapter 11 Route Serveying
Chapter 12 Special Instruments
Chapter 13 Field Astronomy
Chapter 14 Photogrammetric Surveying
Chapter 15 Electro-Magnetic Distance Measurement (EDM)
Chapter 16 Remote Sensing

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Features of Surveying Book B.C. Punmia PDF  

Surveying – Vol. 1 contains twenty-four chapters, some of which are Trigonometrical Levelling, Contouring, Setting Out Works, and Tacheometric Surveying. The first chapter focuses on fundamental definitions and concepts. Every topic is comprehensively explained and is accompanied by relevant examples of their practical use. 

Furthermore, the authors have included a wide range of numerical examples for the benefit of the readers. An unique approach of this book is that it contains methodologies which are of use to both older and newer machineries. Surveying – Vol. 1 also extensively covers instrumental adjustments and alterations required in the implements when Civil Engineers are surveying.

Title Of The BookSurveying Vol. I 
Author’s NameDr. B. C. Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr Arun Kuma Jain
Publishers                Laxmi Publications
No. of Pages277
File FormatPDF

About the Author

Dr. B.C. Punmia is an Indian professor of Civil Engineering. He is the former Dean of the M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur. Punmia has co-authored books like Building Construction and Irrigation And Water Power Engineering. He completed his doctorate in 1976, and has been teaching for nearly four decades.

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