Shubhra Ranjan Environment Notes for UPSC 2023

Shubhra Ranjan Environment Notes for UPSC 2023

In this post, you will get the latest Shubhra Ranjan Environment Notes for your UPSC and civil services examinations preparation. These notes are fully handwritten, scanned and available to download for free. Being an optional subject, many students don't take Environment subject seriously. But, it can be a highly scoring subject. Hence, getting good quality notes is important for students. Moreover, these notes are very concise and easy to understand.

Shubhra Ranjan Environment Notes for UPSC 2022

Details of Shubhra Ranjan PSIR Notes 

  • Author - Shubhra Ranjan
  • Subject - Environment (optional)
  • Format - PDF
  • Edition - Handwritten Notes
  • Language - English

Shubhra Ranjan Environment Notes PDF Download - 

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Q: Is Shubhra Ranjan notes enough for Environment ?

Yes, it is more than enough. However, it is advised that you should follow at least one more resource. Most of the students found the content to be useful for UPSC CSE Mains & Prelims exam also. However, some students felt that the content was not up to the mark. We recommend checking 2 -3 resources before making your decision to follow any book/resource.

Q; Who is Shubra Ranjan?

She is one of the most famous teachers in UPSC optional subjects. Thousands of students follow her notes and her notes are recommended by most toppers and faculties. 

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Hope these notes help you in the journey of your environment subject preparation and overall UPSC preparation. If you have any doubts, please ask in the comments below and do share with your friends.

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