Park PSM 26th Edition PDF [Download]

 Park PSM 26th Edition PDF [Download] 

Free Download Park PSM 26th Edition PDF for your medical college/university examinations. This book's full title is Park's textbook of preventive and social medicine. It covers all the important topics of medicine and is very useful for MBBS, MD and medical students for their college level exams. Hence, it is one of the top selling books of the subject.

Park PSM 26th Edition PDF

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  • Preventive and social medicine (PSM) is a major subject in third year MBBS. The standard textbook for community medicine during third year MBBS is Park's textbook of Preventive and social medicine.
  • Park's PSM book is loaded with concepts and knowledge. Most of the students prefer park's textbook for many entrance examinations.
  • The first edition of this book was released in July 1970. Now, the latest edition (25th edition) was released in 2019 and this edition is ‘the silver jubilee edition'.


1) Man and medicine, health for all

2) Concept of health and diseases

3) Principles of epidemiology and epidemiologic methods  

       - aims of epidemiology

       - epidemiological approach

       - measurement of mortality

       - rates and ratios

       - measurement of morbidity

       - epidemiological methods

       - descriptive epidemiology

      - analytical epidemiology

       - experimental epidemiology

      - association and causation

      - uses of epidemiology

      - infectious diseases epidemiology

      - disease transmission

      - Immunity

      - Immunizing agents

      - disease prevention and control

      - disinfection

      - investigation of an epidemic

4) Screening for disease

     - Concept of screening

     - uses of screening

     - criteria for screening

     - sensitivity and specificity

     - problems of the borderline

5) Epidemiology of communicable diseases

a) Respiratory infections

     - smallpox

     -  chicken pox

     - Measles

     - Mumps

     - Influenza

     - Diptheria

     - Whooping cough

     - Meningococcal meningitis

     - Acute respiratory infections

     - SARS

     - Tuberculosis

b) Intestinal infections

     - Poliomyelitis

     - Viral hepatitis

     - Acute diarrhoeal diseases

     - cholera

     - typhoid fever

     - food poisoning

     - amoebiasis

     - ascariasis

     - hookworm infections

     - dracunculiasis

c) Arthropod borne infections

     - Dengue fever

     - Malaria

     - Lymphatic filariasis

     - Zika Virus disease

d) Zoonoses


    - Rabies

    - Yellow fever

    - Nipah virus infections

    - Japanese encephalitis

    - KFD

Rickettsia diseases

    - Rickettsia Zoonoses

    - scrub typhus

    - murine typhus

    - tick typhus

    - Q fever


    - chickunguniya fever

    - brucellosis

    - leptospirosis

    - plague

    - human salmonellosis

Parasitic zoonoses

    - taeniais

    - hadatid disease

    - leishmaniasis

e) Surface infections

    - trachoma

    - tetanus

    - leprosy

    - STD

    - yaws

    - AIDS

f) Emerging and re-emerging diseases

g) Hospital acquired infections

6) Epidemiology of non communicable diseases

   - cardiovascular diseases

   - coronary heart diseases

   - hypertension

   - stroke

   - rheumatic heat disease

   - cancer

   - diabetes

   - obesity

   - blindness

   - accidents and injuries

7) Health programmes in India

8) Millennium development goals to sustainable development goals

9) Family planning and demography

10) preventive medicine in obstetrics, pediatrics and geriatrics

11) Nutrition and health

12) Medicine and social medicine

13) Tribal health in India

14) Environment and health

15) Hospital waste management

16) Disaster management

17) Occupational health

18) Genetics and health

19) Mental health

20) Health information and basic medical statistics

21) Communication for health education

22) Health planning and management

23) Health care of the community

24) International health



  • Title- Park's textbook of preventive and social medicine, 26th edition.
  • Binding - Paperback
  • Author - K. Park
  • Number of Pages - 1000+
  • Language - English 
  • Subject - Medical

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